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Journey into God's Nature and Discover Hidden Spiritual Insights


Foster Deeper Relationships with the Trinity and Strengthen Your FaithReflect


Dive into Scripture, Meditate, and Find Personal Revelation and Guidance


Embrace God's Goodness and Experience Spiritual Renewal and Fulfillment.


Engage with Like-minded Learners, Share Experiences, and Grow Together


Enjoy meaningful connection with God, self, others, powerful course materials and ongoing Spiritual growth.

Our Courses


Soul Break Online Community

Join at the community level….A built in break for the Soul where your peace can be restored, you can connect with God, self, and others. Soul Break is a place to connect with a healthy faith-based community, your soul, and God in a meaningful way.  You simply make the decision to take a break from the insane hustle and bustle of life from the convenience of your home or office and pause to breathe, reflect, journal, meditate on scripture and take in the love, life and light of God.

When: Monday through Thursday from noon -1pm (CST)

We provide a delicious menu for your soul filled with activities and meditations to soothe your soul.

Explore- access 4 times per month at $50/month or $500/year

Expand is accessed 8 times per month for $80/month or $900/year and

Excel is unlimited access for you and your family for $99/month or $997 for the year…


Spiritual University


Spiritual University is a local and online class that addresses our wholeness by including the Spirit, soul and body perspective, and the impact that mental health has on each of these areas in our wholeness process. 


Whether you're seeking stress management techniques, coping strategies for anxiety, or tools for personal growth, we have a program for you.


Classes include "Defeating Trauma, "Taking your thoughts captive," "Peace and Connection", "Loving Yourself", "Friendship with Holy Spirit", and more..




All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business


Our Heaven Based Life Coaching is a system that begins the reintegration process of reconnecting you to God, yourself and others in a healthy way, by focusing on 3 R's * Relationship, Release, and Restore.  

The system powerfully and effectively helps you to comprehensively establish a healthy relationship with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) yourself (spirit, soul, and body) and others, then helps you to Release and let go of things that are separating you from peace and true identity.

We work on together to Restore the truth which opens the door for you to connect with your true identity and purpose.