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Biography for Dr. Lisa Kohut

Dr. Lisa Kohut is an independently licensed and practicing Faith based therapist, who has a private practice in Palatine,Illinois.

She also partners with Holy Spirit to Pioneer systems and courses related to mental health. For example, in February of 2022 she launched a Faith based mental health Coaching School, titled Heaven Based
Life Coaching. The purpose of this school is to provide effective and faith based mental health coaching to people who want faith included in their process. This system helps coaches to connect with their confidence and purpose by training them to facilitate some of the most powerful and effective spiritual, emotional, and mental health interventions to the community for a cost effective price. There’s a local and online venue.
Dr. Lisa has also developed a groundbreaking online platform to help people who are isolated and busy to build in a mental health soul break into their day. This break includes community and connection with God and self.
Additionally, she has a Love Revolution ministry, which is a movement to tear down the lies that religion has told about the nature of God and to replace those lies with the truth about Jesus Christ through a practical relationship with Holy Spirit. The mission of the Love Revolution is to revolutionize the world with the love of Jesus through small group discipleship classes, retreats, and supporting missions and churches that express God’s practical love in the world. Some of the discipleship groups include "The Holy Spirit Camp”, "The School of Peace and Connection", Immanuel, which focuses on connecting with Jesus in a safe community, Identity, which focuses on anchoring your identity in Christ to find your purpose while in a safe and non-judgmental Christ centered community, Defeating Trauma, Taking your Thoughts Captive, Loving yourself well and more.
Dr. Lisa is also a speaker on the topics mentioned above in addition to The Power of Forgiveness, practical keys to building spirituality and connection with God, and enhancing mental health. She has also authored 3 books and 2 journals. The most recently written book is titled "Healing Connections: Reconciling a Broken World to a Holy and Loving God" , the second one is titled "Dream Mysteries- understanding your dreams to know God's purpose in your life" and the journals include, a manual for Holy Spirit Camp, a journal titled “Conversations with Holy Spirit” to help facilitate a relationship with Holy Spirit and a journal titled “ Taking your thoughts captive”

The Heaven Based Model

The Heaven Based Model is based on 3 Principles and 3 R’s that accompany the principles

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